Our Mission

innov8tive Minds is a venture development organisation committed to helping governments and economic development organisations INCREASE the QUALITY and QUANTITY of STARTUPS created.

We help to:

Our wider team has experience working on every continent and as such we are well placed to ensure that any plan we create takes into account your culture and environment, nurtures your entrepreneurs and investors simultaneously, and supports the development and expertise of your entrepreneur-support professionals.

 How do we do this?

By understanding your startup community and by tailoring a solution for you.  We deliver:

Within an innovation context, we do not believe that “one size fits all”. We believe in developing your people, your place and your opportunity to create better businesses and investments.

But what do we know?


Senior Team

Amanda Lennon

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A self-confessed "professional meddler in other peoples' business" Amanda has worked on most continents and advises on policy environment, investor and entrepreneur programme feasibility and design.

Darin Graham

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Whilst maintaining that nurturing startup and innovation ecosystems is not rocket-science, Darin is actually a rocket scientist and can therefore bring that to bear should it be required. Experienced at the highest levels of government, academia and private sector, Darin works to ensure ecosystems are strategically aligned to national political agenda.

Tom Strodtbeck

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Quite possibly THE best connected person in the entire entrepreneur support world. Tom leads on benchmarking international programmes, partner management and entrepreneur support professional training and accreditation.

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